Homemade Don’s Mix

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Don's Mix IngredientsDon’s Mix, another great Donn The Beachcomber “secret sauce” to his tiki drinks, with the highest demand for Donn’s famous Zombie cocktail. So, you want to make a cocktail but you heard the announcement (mainly by us at AwesomeDrinks) that B.G Reynolds’ has halted active production of their “Paradise Blend” formerly known as Don’s Mix? Here is the recipe you can follow:

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Cheapest Xanax Bars Online Mix together and call Don’s Mix, seems simple right? It is, if you’ve already got cinnamon simple syrup sitting around! But, if you don’t, you can figure out how to make homemade cinnamon simple syrup right here anyway. If you’re making the cinnamon simple syrup specifically for this mix, we suggest you let it sit for about 60 minutes with the cinnamon floating in your syrup to make it much more cinnamon-forward on flavor. This will allow the cinnamon to cut through the grapefruit juice a bit more.

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https://cbwmagazine.com/cagzqfh59 If you need to do this quickly, you could use a grapefruit juice, but expect a bit more tangy bite in the finish, you may want to cut back a bit on the grapefruit to balance out the cinnamon simple syrup a bit more. Or, for more speed, purchase a bottle of B.G. Reynolds Cinnamon Simple Syrup and bring it together with a few ounces of grapefruit juice.