Level 1: Easy

Level 1 books are designed to include a small selection of alcohol—typically including one core spirit, two liqueurs, and one bitter.


Level 2: Intermediate

Level 2 books are designed to include a slightly expanded alcohol selection, containing one or two additional core spirits and some additional liqueur options. As a general guideline, we try to design the Level 2 recipe books with no more than six total alcohols (not including vermouths), and may call for up to two different styles of bitters.


Level 3: Advanced

Level 3 books are designed to call for six or more alcoholic ingredients throughout the written recipes, and may call for up to three different styles of cocktail bitters. This is not to say that a single cocktail will require six separate ingredients, but the recipes included in the book will require the investment of six or more alcoholic ingredients total.


Level 4: Expert

Our Expert level books are designed to be our cocktail recipe collection books. These contain notable recipes from our archives and personal recipe selections, and as such, the recipes are made up of a wide variety of ingredients. We list this as expert because those who own a large collection of alcohols will find it easiest to make these recipes.


Note: The syrups, fruits, and vegetables used in our recipes were not included in ingredient counts, as they are easily accessible. In our Levels 1, 2, and 3 books, you will find that we have worked to include cocktail pairings that re-utilize many of the same ingredients within each book in order to keep your shopping lists to a minimum. Some syrups may be more challenging to purchase, so we [will supply/have supplied] some good homemade options here at Home Cocktail Menu.