We want to save you money on cocktail ingredients and spirits. What makes a Home Cocktail Menu recipe e-book different from a typical cocktail recipe book/e-book? Each e-book design is built with your shopping list in mind.

We build recipe designs that re-utilize specific key ingredients from alcohol, juices and syrups to avoid having to purchase a variety of ingredients that only are called for once in the book!

Nothing is more aggravating than buying 8 oz. of syrup for a recipe that calls for a ¼ ounce measure! To avoid such aggravation, our books are carefully designed to utilize that key ingredient multiple times across many of the recipes within the e-book. Yet, those key ingredients are paired against other flavors so every cocktail is its own unique experience.

Our goal is to justify the purchase you will be making to build a recipe by allowing you multiple uses. The first three levels of cocktail e-books will always keep in mind the length of your shopping list to maximize the recipes. If you find an ingredient called for in a recipe within our e-book, you can rest assured it will be called for at least two-to-three more times in the e-book (often more).


The Level System

Our e-books are structured around book levels and as you purchase books of varying levels you will no doubt be building out your own bar selection. As you purchase new books and create our new designs, you’ll have developed not only a larger bar selection but an achieve of great recipes to make use of every single ingredient you have invested in.


Gone are the days of buying a book with “500 cocktail recipes” when you only have the ingredients to make two recipes from it.


The Menu System

If you’re holding an event or a party with friends we include six pre-designed cocktail menus that mimic those you may see on a cocktail menu at your local restaurant. Utilize these menus to print out with your printer (or run down to the local Staples or other printing facility) to create a few copies to pass out at the event or party. They are designed with a white background to help save printer ink.