About Home Cocktail Menu

Have you ever sat around the table with friends, a few bottles of alcohol and someone says, “make me a drink.” The host says, “what do you want?” The guest says, “surprise me.” This situation occurs because neither person knows exactly what to make with the ingredients on hand and they’re each hoping the other can call up a recipe that works.

It’s time to change that way of hosting a party. Home Cocktail Menu is designed to give the event/party host the ability to call up a small series of recipes that smartly utilize sets of ingredients to accomplish a well rounded cocktail menu you can hand your guests when they don’t know what they want to drink, much like a restaurant cocktail menu can do for you as a patron.

The recipes are carefully crafted through taste pairings and utilize the smallest set of ingredients possible (keeping flavor selection and variety in consideration) to allow the host to shop for ingredients and come back with enough to unlock all or most of the recipes in the e-books.


About Us

Jennifer Schommer has created many cocktail recipes, many for use on our cocktail show Common Man CocktailsJennifer has tasked herself with expanding the flavor palate of a wide variety of drinkers, including herself. A woman that wouldn’t have touched Mezcal three years ago is now excited when crafting mezcal cocktails with hints of lovely smoke essences. People’s tastes change, mature and adapt but none of this can be possible without constantly tasting new varieties and flavors.

Derrick Schommer has created over 2300 cocktail video’s on Youtube, giving him a great deal of flavor experiences from your typical college cocktail to hundred year old classic cocktail designs. In his travels he has adapted his taste buds from the basic overly sweet 1980’s cocktail designs to early tiki classics, pre-prohibition cocktails to modern era craft cocktails. That history and taste goes into each design you’ll find in this book as he assists Jennifer in the cocktail creation and flavor profile pairings. He works hard to make sure each cocktail has a front-end flavor, mid-palate experience and lingering back-end finish.

Jennifer and Derrick Schommer run Home Cocktail Menu, design all the cocktails and collect them, the the photos and create the downloadable E-Books for the series of cocktails. The goal of Home Cocktail Menu is to supply normal folks with cocktails for events and parties.