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Cardinal’s Craft Cocktails

15 brand new custom cocktails utilizing the Cardinal Spirit’s product line from from bramble, songbird coffee, standard dry gin and tiki rum. A free e-book for you to download and start building cocktails! Or, if you want, you can set your own price for what you think our effort designing all these cocktails was worth to you!


This recipe book specializes on the Cardinal Spirit’s brand of spirits including their tiki rum, standard dry gin, songbird coffee liqueur and bramble with a bit of a secondary focus on bourbon whiskey and some orange liqueur. This is a free e-book but you can pay us for what you think it’s worth. That’s totally up to you!

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This downloadable PDF e-book includes:

  • 15 cocktail recipes, all created with Cardinal Spirits brand spirits.
  • 6 pre-made cocktail menu’s that you can print out for guests.
  • A full shopping list of items you need to make every recipe.

Full Recipe Alcohol Requirements:

  • Cardinal Spirit’s Tiki Rum
  • Cardinal Spirits Standard Dry Gin
  • Cardinal Spirits Songbird Coffee
  • Cardinal Spirits Blackberry Bramble (black raspberry hibiscus vodka)
  • Bourbon Whiskey
  • Orange Liqueur

Additional Garnishes

Cocktail Bitters:

  • Angostura Bitters

Remaining Ingredients Required To Make All Recipes (included in e-book):

Bar Equipment

  • Shaker Tin & Strainer
  • Tea-Strainer (for secondary straining)
  • Muddler
  • Jigger / Measuring Devices

You can find all the syrups and bitters called for in this book are available at You can find all the spirits from Cardinal Spirits.