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Explorations of Rum: Four Bottles of Rum 15 great cocktails for your next party or event. Instant download e-book!
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Explorations of Rum: Four Bottles of Rum contains fifteen unique rum based cocktail recipes. Each recipe is complete with measures (in ounces), instructions on how to build, suggested glassware and garnishes. You will find each recipe comes with a high resolution photo to show you how the drink will look when completed.

This e-book is designed for all skill levels of cocktail makers from the novice to the expert. The level-2: intermediate rating means you will utilize no more than six alcoholic spirits and one style of cocktail bitter—we did require an additional spirit so this book does call for 7 alcohol spirits plus a vermouth. Check out how we design our recipe e-books. This downloadable PDF e-book includes:

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  • 15 rum based recipes
  • 6 pre-made cocktail menu’s that you can print out for guests.
  • A full shopping list of items you need to make every recipe.

Full Recipe Alcohol Requirements:
  • Light Rum
  • Aged Rum
  • Dark Rum
  • Black Rum
  • Amaretto / Almond Liqueur
  • Maraschino Liqueur
  • Pernod Absinthe / Herbsaint
  • Sweet Vermouth Additional Garnishes Cocktail Bitters:

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  • Angostura Bitters Remaining Ingredients Required To Make All Recipes (included in e-book):

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  • Shaker Tin & Strainer
  • Tea-Strainer (for secondary straining)
  • Muddler
  • Jigger / Measuring Devices

Buy Pure Alprazolam Powder Within the recipe text, we call for the use of B.G. Reynolds Rich Demerara SyrupRoyal Rose Orange Vanilla Syrup, Liber & Co Gomme Syrup, and B.G Reynolds Passion Fruit syrup; you may opt to create your own homemade syrups or use another brand as needed.